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Maria Drueco, IPMA- ACP

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist

Client- focused consulting | Tailored Approach 

 Individualized Service Offering

My Services


DEI Diagnostics/ Audit

  • Organizational current state assessment through data analysis, policy reviews, surveys, focus group, employee/ stakeholder interviews
  • Design, communicate, implement and analyze survey that meets your organization’s specific needs
  • Individual-level - Identify deep-seated biases through the use of the latest personality assessment tool – Global DISC
  • Team level – identify and measure alignment gaps between people at the team level. The data is used to facilitate better shared mental models, engagement, and ownership within teams, and to provide rich feedback for leaders.
  • Organizational audit - HR DEI assessment, Employee Engagement and Inclusion Survey, Psychological safety assessment

Strategic Consulting - Linking business goals with your Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion goals

  • Strategy Review
  • Strategic Framing Support
  • D&I Integration/ Strategy
  • Diverse Recruitment & Retention Strategy Consulting
  • Measurement – evaluation, metrics assessment, review of strategy
  • DEI Communications/Positioning
  • Talent Management/ DEI integration


Provide support to your group/ team/ leaders in processing information to help them think through and integrate these in making the best decision for your DEI strategy/ initiative.

Learning and Development Programs

Our results-based and outcomes-focused learning and development programs focus on the 3 critical elements of creating an inclusive workplace: Leadership, Communication & Organizational Culture. An approach that targets the 3 levels: Self, Team, Organization.

Coaching/ Mentoring

  • Individual coaching for leaders to develop inclusive leadership skills and manage diverse teams effectively
  • A structured group coaching program for managers/ supervisors provides advancement of inclusive leadership at all levels
  • Mentorship program development

Building A Culture of Inclusion Workshops/ Webinars/ Lunch-and-Learns

Learning programs that build awareness, inclusive capabilities of leaders and employees, and behavioral change that leads to transformation and shift in organizational culture. Contact me for the list of workshop topics.

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About Maria Drueco , DEI Strategist

Maria Drueco, IPMA- ACP

I help organizations improve their performance by developing more inclusive work cultures that support, engage and promote people from diverse backgrounds. I provide a range of services, from a one-one training program to the complete design and implementation of your DEI strategy.

I hold an IPMA Canada Advanced Certified HR Professional designation, with a career spanning more than 20 years in various industries, the last 9 years in Human Resources and learning and development. My additional training during the last 4 years shaped my knowledge and learning on Diversity and Inclusion. DEI is now my focus of work in my consulting and training programs. I am skilled in needs analysis, using different tools to Identify skills gaps within organizations and provide recommendations based on data and organizational context.

My knowledge of Inclusive Leadership Development, Intercultural Intelligence, Team Alignment, and Psychological Safety gives me the ability to deliver end-to-end solutions that have been applied to the design and delivery of training to all levels. I have worked with various industries, from medium to large-sized organizations, including the public sector, and with leaders at all levels: Executives/ Senior Leaders, Managers, and front-line supervisors.

As an immigrant and member of the underrepresented group, I have lived experiences of workplace bullying and harassment and also encountered micro-aggressive behaviors, hence, I became passionate about using my knowledge, education, and experience in educating individuals, help leaders build their inclusive leadership capabilities and improve workplace cultures.

Maria Drueco is the Managing Partner with Consultasia Global - Canada                                                         (